Days Creek likes the idea of Greater Idaho


Gracie Stone


Many people have been talking about Greater Idaho and other people have been asking “What is greater Idaho?” Greater Idaho is a way for republicans who feel that they don’t get a say in anything that happens in the state of Oregon. Oregon’s biggest cities are Portland, Salem, and Eugene and they are all democratic so Douglas County feels that their republican ideas aren’t heard or accepted. If the Greater Idaho movement was accepted then Idaho would move its border to take Roseburg all the way down to some of California. Oregon would be smaller and consist of Eugene all the way up to Portland. 

So far most people are opposed to the idea with 52.8% of the people who have voted. One person opposed, Rob McCallum says he definitely doesn’t see this happening. McCallum says he is opposed because “I like Oregon, I was born here and I like all parts of the state.” Many people don’t like the fact that there would be a sales tax and would have to adjust to the new laws. McCallum also says we would most likely be treated the same either way and conservatives effort would be better spent dealing with it then trying to break away from Oregon.

The other 47.1% of the people who voted yes have some valid points too. Student Ian Harding says “We would lose the democrats that run the state.” He doesn’t think it’s fair that we have bad roads and most of our taxes mostly go towards places in Portland. According to The New York Times we haven’t had a republican governor in 39 years. Teacher Matt Giles thinks it would be neat but probably won’t happen. He thinks Portland won’t want to let us go. “It costs big cities to let people go.”

Greater Idaho relates to the people and youth of Days Creek because if this movement passes then they wouldn’t live in the state of Oregon anymore. They would have to adapt to different laws and changes. Just the fact that they would have to call Idaho their home instead of Oregon is hard because some have been here their whole lives.