Gym levy headed for failure


Days Creek Charter School will not be building a new gym, cafeteria and community center, at least not during this election cycle.

Voters in the Days Creek School District rejected a bond levy that would have financed a new building on campus 54.35% (100 votes) to 45.65% (84).

Measure 10-188 would have increased property taxes for residents of Days Creek, Milo, Tiller, Drew and east of Canyonville by $1.80 per $1,000 of assessed value. The district had been approved to get a matching grant from the state.

“We could really use it for out school and community,” Days Creek superintendent Steve Woods said. “It would be sad if we don’t get it.”

The gym/cafeteria/community center “is for the community, I think the head wind are the economic scares are the reason I think it’s not getting past.”

Athletic Director James Ellis thinks the building could have been worded differently.

“Instead of starting off with the gymnasium, I would have lead off with the more important things like the cafeteria and safety” 


Social studies teacher Matt Giles thinks that the tax increase scared the voters.

“People were misunderstanding the tax increase because they’re property is not being taxed for what they know it to be worth, it’s appraised differently,” Giles said. “ Also people don’t understand that since 2014 k-12 have had to share a gym not just 7-12 anymore.”

Freshman Keegan Stufflebeam was hoping for both a new cafeteria as well as a second gym to relieve pressure on the current gym, which serves all 13 grades at the school. 

“I think we need it because we wont have a chance to build it again,” Stufflebeam said.  

Kaydence Black, a graduating senior, was also disappointed. “People don’t want to see change because it makes no difference in their personal life.”