Ski club returns


Wanita Negherbon courtesy photo

Members of the ski & snowboard club don their gear in a past trip to Mt. Ashland.

By Marrisa Mackey

Do you like skiing? You are in luck! 

This year Mr. Flerlage and Mr. Lopez are resurrecting the popular Days Creek ski and snowboard club. The new teachers are taking a group to Mount Ashland each Friday in February but the first one.

Grades 5-12 are eligible to participate. Organizers are wanting to do some fundraisers like 50/50 raffle at basketball games and concession stands. 

Days Creek’s newest teachers have contrasting views on which is the best way to get down a snowy mountain.

“Why are you guys talking to Lopez about it,” said Flerlage, an avid skier. “He doesn’t know anything”

Said Lopez, adept at snowboarding: “Snowboarding is better then skiing just to throw shade on Mr. Flerlage.

The cost of the program will be $60 if fundraising efforts are successful. If not, the cost will increase to $130. Included are a snowboard or skis, helmet, a pair of boots and the lift ticket. Winter weather gear like coats and ski pants will have to be supplied by the student.

“Dude yes I’m so excited,” said freshman Rossli Berlingeri. “I wish more people would go because its really fun.”

Sophomore Michael Peredetto is another longtime participant in the program.

“I’m excited,” he said. “I look forward to it every year.”

For students like freshman Curtis McCullough, the program is an opportunity to try a sport for the first time. 

“I’ve never been on a snow boarding field trip,” McCullough said.

The trip to Mt. Ashland is around a 2-hour drive by bus.

“It’s always super super fun and a really great bonding time for everyone” sophomore Kate Clifton said. “But it might be a little lame because Flerlage is going.”