Tiller-Trail Times’ gift-buying guide



The Tiller-Trail Times has compiled a list of gifts ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Use these ideas as you shop for loved ones, friends and acquaintances young and old.

Gifts for a Music Lover

Headphones can be a nice gift for your music loving friend, but what if you wanted to go an extra mile to make their Christmas special. An upgrade is noise cancelling headphones, so they can really enjoy a music escape. Noise cancelling headphones can range from $100 to $500.

You can also give a music lover a turntable to play vinyls or records, turntables from Crosley cost $60-$150. Some turntables also have bluetooth, so your friend can use them as a phone speaker. 

Something you can give to a Spotify music listener is a glass music frame. You can make one yourself or you can order a custom one for $20 dollars, make sure you know their favorite repeated songs. 

— Anna Esparza Clark

For the Person who has Everything

 Don’t know what to get for someone who seems to “have everything” or doesn’t know what they want? Gift cards are always a good choice or if they are a coffee lover get them a gift card from a local coffee shop. You can also make them something, which in my opinion, means a lot more than anything store bought. It tells them that you were thinking about them and that instead of getting them something you saw and thought they would like, you took time out of your day to make something that they would love. It’s just the best feeling when you give someone something that you’ve worked on that you really think they’ll like and watch as their eyes just light up with such joy.

— Keira Sawyer

Gift for a grandparent

Is your mee-maw, pop-pop or Nana a luddite? Do they nag you for photos? Or visits? Or calls every once in a while?

This Christmas, get them a digital photo frame. It looks like an ordinary framed photo, but with a screen. You (or your relatives) upload your photos remotely and they appear on your loved one’s frame. They get to enjoy photos of you from afar, with limited technological skill.

You might be committing yourself to being their IT help, depending on how technologically adept your relative is.

Photo frames can be purchased at Best Buy, Amazon or Walmart. The average price is around $100.

— Mr. McCallum

Totally Broke

Are you strapped for cash? Worried about what people are expecting for Christmas? Are you about to cry? Well save your tears I have the solution for you, all you need is some creativity.

If you don’t have it, ask some people around you if they have dry pasta and glue. We’re making pasta art.

Think about it, unless your loved ones have young kids when was the last time they got beautiful pasta art. If you really need to buy the supplies it comes out to about $3 dollars for two types of pasta and $1 for glue.

— Logan Thompson

A Gift for someone who has everything

Do you have a family member with everything you can imagine? Do you hate holiday shopping? Going out in public?  Well do I have a great idea for you: Amazon Gift Card.

An Amazon Gift Card is perfect. They can get whatever they want and don’t have to get the same gift over and over again. Amazon Gift Cards are very affordable. You can put any amount of money on the card.

You can go to any local grocery store and get one there. This gift is very helpful if your in a hurry getting gifts in time for the holiday. Good luck! 

— Raime Wheeler

Throw them in a ball pit

Do you have a small child at home that always gets into everything and is always being rowdy, well we have a perfect gift for you. Say hello to our brand new ball pit!!

Ball pits allow your child to strengthen their muscles and help them stay calm so you can sit back and relax and have some alone time while your kid plays. 

Ball pits help your kid stay entertained so that you can get more things done … so you better  get to shopping… good luck!

— Bailey Stufflebeam

Personalized handwritten blanket  

For the holidays a warm blanket with personalized handwriting on it would be a wonderful gift for all ages.

 A blanket with a personal message is a truly heartfelt gift to give a loved one to make you feel closer than ever. 

All you have to do is find the blanket you want, write a heartwarming message and order your loved one’s gift.

A blanket is a good gift for the holidays because this December it’s going to get very cold and what better to snuggle with than a blanket with a warming message.

— Mya Malone

Gift if you’re nearly broke 

The perfect gift to get someone if you’re really running low on money is a candle. It’s cheap, it can smell amazing, depending on what you get and who doesn’t love smelly good candles? Another good gift you can get someone if you’re running low on money is their favorite candy. Everyone has a sweet tooth, so why not share some yummy goodness with somebody else!

— Breanna Milliron

Gift if you’re nearly broke

It really depends on what the person likes, if you know a general idea of what they enjoy you won’t have a hard time creating something they will love and cherish forever. For example if i was making something for my aunt, it would be a cute flower vase with frogs on it. Because it is something she will use and love. So when it comes to making gifts all you gotta do is think. Out of everything you could buy I guarantee if you make something instead they will like it more because it will be sentimental to them.  

— Timber. D. Summerfield

Gift for music lover 

A gift I would get for a music lover is either a record player and records to go with. or gift cards for music on your phone like Spotify or apple music or something. Or headphones, a good pair so people could listen to music. Or a really good speaker for them. That’s what I would get for a music lover.

— Shayleen Budel

Gifts for your little brother

Well I don’t know how old your guys’ younger brothers are but mine is 14. When I say this boy loves his video games, pretty much any game there is. Whatever gaming system they have, PS3/4, Xbox, Oculus, Wii, you name it. Find out what they have and try to see what games they are into and buy them a new game. Your brother will appreciate you so much, it might only last for a week but anything is better than nothing right? Another thing that brothers love is a new mouse (if they have a PC) or led lights for their gaming area; maybe even a gaming chair or headset. If your brother is into games I hope this helps. Happy Holidays!

— Lyris Berlingeri

For grandparents

A good gift for a grandparent can usually be something old to go with their age. Older people can sometimes be harder to shop for because they’re either picky or just different. But something that almost always works in antiques. Things like floral patterned cups or bowls are always a good option. Or something that can keep their brain active is a riddle or puzzle book like Sodoku or ‘Where’s Waldo’. For the antiques you can go to a local antique shop and they usually cost from $10-$15, and the puzzle books can  cost under $11 on Amazon.

— Ryan Newton

For movie buffs

A good gift for a movie buff is a movie basket with all their favorite things.For starters you could fill the basket with all of their favorite snacks like chips, candies and popcorn and for drinks you could get  different kinds of soda,tea, and juices. For the movies you can get their all time favorites or movies you think they would enjoy.You could also put blankets in the basket that they can use when watching movies.This would be a really simple and easy gift to get someone for christmas especially if they like watching movies.

— Mckenzie Park

Younger sister: Tablet

During the holiday season is the best time to get a nice, quality gift for a loved one. As everyone probably knows, children tend to be loud and ask for someone to play with them. As a big sister I often find myself not wanting to play with my little sister or not having enough time. Something that really distracts kids from the entire world around them is the internet. You could provide your younger sister with a tablet that has access to youtube and games. If your family isn’t comfortable with the kids having youtube then there is a better option that is kid friendly called kids youtube. There is a cheap tablet on amazon that is only $34.99. If you want a more expensive one then there are plenty of options.

— Mckenzie Park

Best gift for grandparents

One of the biggest presents that grandparents would love this Christmas would be slippers!!! I know all of my grandparents love/always wear them, not just around the house outside, and shopping too!! Another thing you can get them for christmas is a photo frame with a picture of you and all your family, some other things that they might like, if they are big on gardening they would love some gardening tools, and maybe even some new plants to put in the garden, last thing that would be a good idea would be mugs, especially if they are a coffee person.  Everyone loves some coffee in the morning and coffee mugs will always be a great gift for them!

— Marrisa Jandura

Gift for little sister

If you are wondering what to get your little sister for the holidays, maybe you could get them the newest kindle. If they like reading get them this! It’s very affordable, and liked by many. Kindles have so many stories, there’s also a reading mode where it reads to you. It’s definitely a very smart gift idea!

— Kaleigh Loiodici