What to do about DiscoverU?

Editorial board

On paper, DiscoverU sounds like a great idea.

But as we know from athletics, life isn’t played on paper.

The weekly enrichment period designed to get students grades 7-12 a break from class introduced by Mr. Woods three years ago is controversial.

As is the block schedule that was necessitated by DiscoverU.

Some activities students love. Jim Anderson’s outdoor survival. Cider pressing. Crime scene investigation. 

Others, like homework help make students cringe.

Some DiscoverU classes are fun once, or for a half-hour, but lose their interest. 

Many students sign up for options that sound interesting, but end up in runner-up options. 

“There aren’t enough things to do in DiscoverU,” one student said. “You end up just sitting there.”

The administration is listening. Students in the work force and with their own transportation for the first time are allowed to leave on Wednesday afternoons to work at their jobs. 

For some students, school is a place to get a diploma and get out; enrichment is a waste of time. 

We at the the Tiller-Tiller Times think that DiscoverU is worth fixing.

Bring back the dynamic options from its first year. Offer different options each week. Streamline the sign-up process.

These improvements would make Wednesday afternoons fun for real … not just on paper.