Covid still affecting students


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Rachel Matchett and two first grade students wear masks while going to recess in 2020, when mask regulations were more strict.

There is risk in life. Everyone in the world is exposed to viruses every day.

— Mr. Woods


Covid-19 has affected our school here in Days Creek as well as many other schools.  Students have had to go through everything from missing prom, to going distance learning and everything in between. 

In my opinion it is harder to learn when I’m doing distance learning,  some kids learn better on the computer than other kids too.  The state testing results showed that distance learning set the kids behind in the curriculum. 

Sophomore Marshall Haswell claimed that distance learning affected him poorly.

“Distance learning made me fail a lot of my classes, because I’m more of a hands on learner.” Said Haswell, who contracted Covid-19. “The only symptoms that really bothered me was not being able to smell or taste.” 

Mr. Giles cautioned to be careful when they go places and to be respectful of the weak and elderly.

“If you asked everyone what they think covid is, you will get a hundred different responses,” Giles said. 

The pandemic is now in its third year. Over the past three years there have been different strains of Covid-19, which are considered ‘variants of concern’ are alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.  They say that these variants are more deadly; many more people have died, not just the older ones. 

This year Covid has been different there has been more state that mandate the vaccine but here at days creek you get to pick whether or not you want it. And whether you want to wear a mask or not.