School Lockers Back at Days Creek.


 Days Creek Charter School has had lockers available to all the high schoolers for as long as we’ve known, but were taken away last year due to Covid. Now we finally get to have them back. Not being able to have lockers last year was pretty annoying because of all the walking around back and forth, class to class, with a backpack on our back wherever we went. Especially when we had a shop class all the way across the parking lot or an Ag class down at the barn. “For me, having my first year as a high schooler was kinda disappointing because I was looking forward to having a locker,  I wasn’t able to last year. But this year is awesome.” Says sophomore Riley Crume. 

       This year everyone seems to be happy to have lockers again. Junior Landon Kruzic says “Oh my, it is so much better than last year because I don’t have to carry my backpack everywhere anymore.” And a Senior’s perspective Ian Clifton says, “ Having a locker this year is pretty  awesome. It is so helpful to be able to keep your stuff somewhere without having to carry it everywhere you go.” Some students think that having lockers is better or easier, while others think that it is harder.  “It’s nice to have lockers,” says sophomore Lyris Belengeri. “But sometimes it is difficult to get to class on time.” To some of the students it’s a bit of a drag to have to go to their locker and try their locker combination, because sometimes it doesn’t work or it gets jammed. Then there’s also Sophomore Ian Harding who goes around stealing everyone’s penny that they put in their locker. If you have problems with your locker you can speak to Mr. Fuller.