Athletics to look different

Covid-19 causes shortened seasons, masks and few spectators



Volleyball players go through drills last September while wearing masks and maintaining a 6-foot distance.

Rhyse and Jackson Williams, Staff writers

Days Creek sports is going to look a little different this year. It’s going to take place later than previous years because of the Covid-19 virus.

Mr. Ellis said “I think it will be limited but I believe some sports will be in session,” when asked if he thinks we will have sports this year. 

Football is going to be the first sport that will happen. Football still has a meeting to see if we can go full pads, or we might have to do passing leagues or flag football. Volleyball will also happen the same time, but they have already started practicing with correct protocol. 

Baseball and softball will be the next sport season after football and volleyball. The season for baseball and softball will also be condensed like with football and volleyball due to Covid-19. Baseball and Softball are outdoor sports so it will be less of an obstacle to go through with the season.

  The final sports season will be what would have been winter sports, basketball for the boys and girls. This is probably the biggest sports season at days creek, due to all the success they have had throughout the years. 

 There will be some complications with sports this year with high contact sports like basketball and football. “Some complications are public safety, disinfecting, contact tracing, health screenings, and allowing spectators” said Mr. Ellis. He also stated “ one big concern is teams playing each other where an athlete is asymptomatic, yet passes the virus to another school athlete. This could be problematic to the health of many, but also would shut down two teams thus eliminating them from playing other sports teams, leaving a big hole in the league schedule”.