New teachers abound at Days Creek


Neston Berlingeri

New math teacher Jared Iles works with sophomore Riley Nelson earlier this school year. Iles is one of seven new teachers at the school.

Shayleen Budel, Staff writer

This school year we have 7 new teachers that is a lot of new teachers for Days Creek. 

One of the new teachers is Jessica Grant, she teaches kindergarten. Mrs. Grant has been teaching for 13 years now, 12 of those years spent at Camas Valley. Before that she taught preschool. The degree she has earned is the AAOT from Umpqua Community College and she also has her Bachelor of Arts and Master of science degree. Jessica grew up in reedsport Oregon. Some things Mrs. Grant likes to do outside of school is hunt, fish and ride horses.

 Another new teacher is Daniel Johnson. He teaches introduction to video production. Mr. Johnson said he has taught for two decades in church settings but this is his first year teaching in a public school. Daniel has B.S. with a bible and theology. A fun fact about Daniel is that he was born in England but has dual citizenship and has been raised in the states. Something Daniel enjoys doing outside of school is family, farming and board gaming.

 Another new teacher is Hailey Collins. She teaches 9-12 grade english and psychology. Ms. Collins  has taught for 1 year. She has her A.A.O.T degree. Ms. Collins is originally from Fruitland, Idaho. Her interests outside of school are sports, working out and reading.

 Another new teacher is Preslie Gehley. She teaches third grade. This is her first year teaching. She has a bachelors of science in education. She is originally from John Day, Oregon. Some of her interests outside of school are anything outdoors, mainly hunting, fishing and water sports.

Another new teacher is Jared Iles. He teaches math 7, math 8, algebra 1 and precalculus. This is Mr. Iles’ first year as an official teacher but he has done years of tutoring and a few summers as a college mentor. He has earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics education. Mr. Iles is from San Jose, California born and raised. Mr. Iles’ interests outside of school are reading, video games and shooting.

Teaching fifth grade is Amanda Hohensee. This is her first year teaching in a public school in the U.S. She has her Bachelors of Arts in history. Mrs. Hohensee was born in Virginia. She also teaches music privately.  Some of her interests outside of school are hiking, cooking and reading. 

At the end of last school year, science teacher Mr. Hampton and third-fourth grade teacher Mrs. Ferguson each retired. The school also decided to split the blended elementary grades, requiring more teachers.