Woods: No extra days of school despite snow


Maintenance worker Vince Hernandez scoops snow off the elementary ramp on Feb. 22 before the start of school.

An unexpectedly snowy winter has cancelled school for Days Creek three times in February. That’s more than the school is used to, and raises the possibility of school days being added in the last weeks of school.

For now, superintendent Steve Woods said extra school days won’t be added to the end of the year, which is scheduled to be on June 1.

“The only way we are getting past June 1st is if we get two more weeks of snow days,” Woods said. “Even then if that happens I would squeeze Friday school in.”

Days Creek operates on a four-day school week. The school used to hold classes on Friday if there was a Monday holiday like Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Memorial Day, but eliminated Friday school in the 2020-21 school year because of poor attendance.

Although a popular move with students and parents, it put the school on the lower end of hours offered, which is regulated by the state of Oregon. The state requires 6,360 hours of school for one year of school to be complete.

If snow cancels any more days, look for Friday school days in April and May to make up for the lost time. According to the National Weather Service, snow is a possibility in Days Creek each day this week.

“I don’t like school being canceled,” math teacher Brian Jenks said. “It’s good that we were being safe and no one was driving and it also messed up the schedule that we had planned that day and had to redo the schedule. I hope we don’t have any more snow days.”

Students have enjoyed the snow days.

“It was a nice break from school,” senior Isaiah Bloom said. “It did make classes harder. I guess because we are coming back from a disruptive break from learning.”

Another student, who asked not to be named, used the time to catch up on work and get a break from the routine.

“I like not going to school,” she said. “The thing about the snow days is that when snow days happen there is more time to do make-up work. Work that your behind in and there is no assignment that day because of the snow”