Homesteading, Food Science new classes at DC

Mr. Giles and Mr. Lopez teaching new electives at Days Creek


Rossli Berlingeri

Junior Ian Harding builds a fire on Oct. 25 at Mr. Giles’ property near Milo as part of Homesteading class.

There are three new classes at Days Creek charter school, two of them being taught by Matt giles. 

Giles is mostly a history teacher and this year he is teaching a new class; Eastern World Geography to the sixth grade class. Modern homesteading is the other new class Giles is teaching. 

Mr. Giles cuts wood at his property near Milo to help students build fires. The class travels to the site each Wednesday block day. (Rossli Berlingeri)

“I really enjoy teaching this class because the kids get to learn things outside of school and learn good skill sets.” Says Giles

 The class builds things, cooks, cans, learns to hunt and learns more about the outside world. 

“I think it’s a very good class to take, you learn valuable skills and independence, it’s also very fun” Travis Doolittle says. “ I encourage future students to take this class, it’s very beneficial.” 

The third new class this year starts in the second semester of the school year. Jonathan Lopez who is an agriculture teacher for grades 7-9. The new class Lopez is teaching this year will be food science. 

He is very excited to teach this class because he enjoys cooking outside of school. This semester Lopez is teaching plant science where they learn how to grow crops. 

“We get to study where the food comes from and why we don’t cross contaminate it when using a cutting board.” Says Mariah Gallagher