Quads tournament brings alumni, promotes program

4-on-4 tournament a fundraiser for Days Creek volleyball


Debbie Fuller

4K, a quad volleyball team made up of the Kruzic family, finished second.

The list of Days Creek volleyball alumni is long. And while their playing days are over, the annual Days Creek Quads Tournament offers a chance to come back and experience volleyball on their home court with current players.

The quads tournament is a 4-vs-4 tournament and also acts as a fundraiser for the high school volleyball team. Rachel Matchett and Glory Kruzic organize the tournament, which took place on May 22.

People all around got together teams of their own up to six players per-team but only four were allowed to be on the court at one time. Each team created their own team name before signing up. The tournament drew a large turnout with ten teams, including many alumni.

Brookyln and Layla’s team won the tournament. 4K, a team made up of the Kruzic family, finished second. The Himalayan Mushrooms got 3rd place.

¨The quads tournament was a very fun experience,” Kaleigh Loiodici said. “I feel like it was a good fundraiser for the volleyball team it was nice spending all day just playing volleyball with Days Creek members and alumni. I’m glad I got the opportunity to participate and I will participate next year.¨

The tournament raised $800 for the team, according to Matchett.

Sadly there were many softball players that were not able to participate due to the team’s playoff game scheduled for the next day.

“It was my first year going and there were some pretty competitive teams there but it was a lot of fun,” Lyris Berlingeri said.