Opinion: Days Creeks curriculum needs an update

Days Creek Charter School is known for its nice gym, star athletes, the barn and the greenhouse, all in a really small school containing no more than 200 people. 

However there are some flaws. 

Mya Malone

For one, Days Creeks cafeteria is 6 feet tall and too short for a few of the students when they are getting their lunch. The cafeteria is also only able to hold a max capacity of roughly 50 people. 

Another issue is the football field. The field gets flooded too easily, we need a new equipment shed and the football field is hard to get to. 

But worst of all, our student curriculum is completely out dated. For example, Mrs. Geiger’s literature books are as old as 2002. 

That’s 20 years of information we as a whole school are missing out on. 

It’s very rare we ever even use our books because they are so outdated. Another example is our Science and Spanish books. They are falling apart from the spine, some don’t even have covers, there are even some with missing pages and again there is a lot of new updated information left out of those books because of the year they were purchased. 

I feel as though our school can afford to get grants for a new gym and a convention center and so much more than they can afford new books for the students. Teachers do very well with what they have but I feel as though if we had new books and everyone wasn’t just using computers and paper, the student would retain the information given to them much better with hands-on learning and face to face discussions when it comes to instructions. 

So I really just ask for the school to take into consideration that we need an update on our school’s student curriculum.