Is football back?

Unable to have a normal football season, Wolves participate in passing league


Neston Berlingeri, Staff writer

Sports are one of the things that Covid put an abrupt halt to. Now as school has come back around the big question is what will happen with  sports?

The football team has had workouts and even played a couple 5-on-5 and 7-on-7 games. These games are played with masks and without the normal padding in order to abide by the rules set in place because of Covid. Days Creek has played many teams including Camas Valley, Yoncalla, Sutherlin, and Douglas. 

These games happen every Wednesday at 6 p.m. and go to about 8 p.m. They are usually played at Camas Valley but that could change depending on where the football team gets invited. These games aren’t the same as if we were playing during the season but sometimes you have to adapt to what life throws you. Not only is the team adapting but they are using this time wisely to prepare for the season that they hope comes around.  

The team we have right now has a lot of returning starters that show up consistently to every workout and game. Jackson Williams one of the three fighting for the quarterback spot. Zane DeGroot who is also fighting for the quarterback spot and was a bright spot on the defense last year before injury. Neston Berlingeri is the last of three who is fighting for the quarterback spot and also played defensive back last year. Cauy Jackson the captain of the defense and a great leader from last year’s team. Rhyse Williams started some games for us at tailback last year and looks to come out with a strong senior year. Keith Gaskell who played defensive end for us last year and is ready to step his game up even more. 

The team also has a lot of younger players that will be leading the team in the future. One quote from Jackson Williams states, “That with all the younger kids, we have a good mix of older players and younger players. I hope that we can teach them as much as we can during this year and help better them for the future. They also will be a big part of our team this year and could help us tremendously whether it be starting for us or giving us great work in practice. I don’t want them to be pushovers, I want them to work every practice at 110% for that chance on Friday for their name to be called in the starting lineup.”