Flerlage, Lopez leaving to start restaurant

Flerlage, Lopez leaving to start restaurant

Evan Woodruff

Recently two of the main staff members at Days Creek Charter School have made an announcement that they’re going to be leaving the teaching field to start up their own Mexican restaurant locally in Canyonville. The two teachers were both frankly new to teaching here at Days Creek Charter School, so their departure was definitely personal.

 Mr. Flerage was a science teacher and Mr. Lopez was our AG teacher, they were some of the most loved staff but they obviously didn’t have reciprocal feelings towards the students. Their restaurant is called “Taquito Burritos” because that’s the two most popular items they sell daily. They give complimentary chips and salsa to all customers, the salsa recipe is Lopez’s grandmas

 with a few little tweaks in it.

        The restaurant is supposed to open sometime early summer, perfect timing for all of us who are going to be going through Canyonville out to the Umpqua Falls to camp or to Diamond Lake to fish, or even for tourists driving the I5 looking for a quick delicious meal, Taquito Burritos is gonna be a no brainer. 

   But now that Days Creek Charter School is short two staff members, I guess we’ll see who they hire next without a background check. In all seriousness, help is needed at Days Creek right now and you could be the next teacher to lose their mind here, come in and see how our environment is.

   When applying at Days Creek Charter School keep in mind that all of the students here are extremely out of pocket and they are the complete opposite of snowflakes, be prepared to get insulted and harassed in ways you didn’t know were possible. These kids will make you have trouble sleeping, maybe even give you  nightmares. I know Mr. Flerlage needed counseling after teaching here, if that’ll give you an idea of what were like.