World struggles to solve plastics conundrum


Mya Malone

The bottle return bin in the high school hall at Days Creek Charter School

Mya Malone

 I think it’s safe to say plastic has been one of the most focused-on ongoing battles in the world because of the crazy health risks and insane ways it can hurt and kill animals. Sadly India has been struggling with pollution for over 50 years and not much has helped, however maybe this new partition will make a change. 

Approximately 7 billion of the 9.2 billion tons of plastic produced from 1950-2017 has now become plastic waste, usually ending up in a landfill or just left out in the open. India saw that recycling wasn’t making a big enough impact. In fact when they calculated the plastic waste count it went up as of 2020-21 and now recycling capacity is half as much.

As of July 2022 India followed the United Kingdom in the single use plastic removal ban(SUP), banning straws, plastic cutlery and food packaging. However residents say that even after 5 months of the ban there is still very little visible improvement. 

India decided to discontinue the manufacture, import, stocking, sale and use of Items that have low utility and high littering potential. 

In the absence of the availability of cheap alternatives to cater to the demand of these banned products and refusal to use the effectiveness of the ban will remain illusive. Indian government has made it clear that they know the SUP act will not remove all plastic and pollution but it will help make things easier and healthier in the future.