Poll: Parents of students support gym levy



In a poll conducted by the Tiller-Trail Times, support for a tax increase that would fund a new gym and cafeteria shows widespread support.

Fifty-five percent of all respondents said that either they or their parents would vote yes on Measure 10-188 on May 17. Only two respondents (0.5 percent) were sure that their guardians would vote no. Thirty-eight percent weren’t sure how their guardians would vote.

The bond committee is expecting more opposition to the proposed property tax increase in the greater community. All registered voters in Douglas County School District #15 are eligible to vote. That includes Days Creek, Milo, Tiller, Drew and rural residents east of Herbert’s Pond.

If successful, property owners in the school district would see their property taxes increase by $1.80 per $1,000 of assessed value. That would raise $4 million, which would be matched by the state for a total of $8 million.

The district has drafted plans for a multi-purpose gym, cafeteria and stage. The building would be available as a community center.

The poll was conducted on April 21 on campus.